Randy the Macho Man Savage Poffo

2013 Child Advocacy Hall of Fame Inductee, Randy "The Macho Man" Savage Poffo

Randy “The Macho Man” Savage, 2013 Child Advocacy Hall of Fame Inductee. The Macho Man, as he was known professionally, birth name Randy Mario Poffo (November 15, 1952 – May 20, 2011) had a heart of gold and made massive contributions to millions of children the world over.


 Randy Savage was one of the 20th centuries hardest working, popular with a flamboyant flair, charming and charismatic entertainer of both professional baseball and wrestling entertainment. Upon graduating from Downers Grove North High School in Downers Grove Illinois as a member of the National Honor Society in 1971, Randy was drafted into the minor leagues launching a four year professional baseball career.

    An injury to this throwing arm at home plate caused Randy to learn to throw with his left arm. The injury proved to be a baseball career ending event for the young Mr. Poffo. Randy's brother Lenny and his father Angelo both had successful wrestling careers with Randy growing up around the wrestling business. This inside into the wrestling industry gave the future Macho Man a viable plan B career that started part time in the Fall of 1973.

 By 1975 Randy began wrestling full time gaining momentum and recognition as an intense contender in the ring. Randy signed with the World Wrestling Federation in 1985 and rapidly gained international fame with his entertaining antics and legendary catchphrase “Ooooooohh Yeaaahh. The Macho Man faced off with Hulk Hogan and took part in the Wrestlemania pay per view events of the 1980's.

 Off camera in his personal life, Randy Poffo was active with charity work at the All Childrens Hospital in St. Petersburg Florida. Randy's compassionate generosity is very well documented with Randy “The Macho Man” Savage volunteering his time and money to help societies most vulnerable population…sick children.


 The Macho Man delivered gifts to patients and participated in the George Steinbrenner Children’s Holiday Concert for underprivileged kids in Tampa Florida for over a decade. Late in his life, Randy was a celebrity guest judge at a fundraiser benefiting Art for Autism. Year after year Randy was active in the Make-A-Wish Foundation visiting sick kids and sharing his positive energy with everyone he met. Randy Poffo was a kind compassionate gentleman who made a difference for the better in millions of children’s lives.


When Randy first appeared on television in the early 1980’s, he demonstrated an intensity rarely captured by television cameras previously. Some of these interviews can be seen on You Tube and even 35 plus years later, retain their splendid entertainment value. Pofffo’s signature deep raspy voice, colorful gaudy costumes, oversized sunglasses, cowboy hat and bandannas made the “Macho Man” stand out from the rest. Randy the Macho Man's interviews with “Mean Gene” Okerlund is the stuff of 1980's television legend.  Search You Tube “Randy Savage cream of the crop” and you will see the Macho Man being a Savage.


Thank You Randy “The Macho Man" Poffo for your outstanding contribution to the lives of children. You have made lasting contributions through your compassionate charity and volunteering work to help children and that is why you are the Child Advocacy Hall of Fame Inductee for 2013.  

2013 Child Advocacy Hall of Fame Inductee, Randy Savage

Randy Savage chose the path to help Children

Randy chose the path to help children

With the fame, fortune and success Randy achieved in his lifetime, he could have done anything . . . . Randy chose the path to help children out of his own free will. Randy Savage Poffo 2013  Child Advocacy Hall of Fame Inductee

Randy was a gifted entertainer

Macho Man Randy Savage

Randy worked very hard and epitomized the personification of the toughest of the tough guys.

The Macho Man helped sick kids

Professional baseball player Randy Savage

Randy Savage was a kind and considerate gentleman who used his time, fame and fortune to help sick children live better lives and generously shared his positive energy.

Randy Savage was active in the "Make-a-Wish" foundation

Ramdy Savage early years

Randy the Macho Man Savage flew across the country visiting sick kids partnering with Make-a-Wish Foundation.

We are very proud to honor Randy Savage as our 2013 Inductee

Macho Man Randy Savage

Randy Poffo proved that even the "tough and macho" can be kind, helpful, compassionate and gentle souls behind the scenes in real life.

Randy Savage promoted a sound mind in a strong body.

Randy Poffo as the Macho Man

Randy Poffo is a Hall of Fame Child Advocate because he touched the lives of Millions of children from the love of his heart and service to his country.