2016 Child Advocacy Hall of Fame Inductee, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. With a quarter million employees, the United States Department of Homeland Security "DHS" is the third largest cabinet department of the United States Federal Government. Created in the Fall of 2002 by the Homeland Security Act , it's Bush Administration era creation was intended to consolidate federal executive branch organizations related to "homeland security" into a single cabinet agency thereby incorporating 22 agencies under the newly formed department in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

 In March of 2003, The Department of Homeland Security absorbed the Immigration and Naturalization Service "INS" and carried on its tasks. In doing so, DHS divided the enforcement and services functions into two independent new agencies: Immigration and Customs Enforcement "ICE" headed by the distinguished Sarah R. Saldana and Citizenship and Immigration Services directed by Leon Rodriguez.

Homeland Security Investigations "HSI" special agents work a wide range of matters that involve the national security of the American people such as human rights and intellectual property theft cases, narcotics trafficking, crimes involving money smuggling and laundering. Crimes of this nature almost always involve a network of criminals sometimes known as cartels, gangs or crime families that require a special type of investigator to bring to justice. ICE agents investigate cyber crimes against children and bring to justice those who exploit children and those that financially support the criminals that harm and exploit children worldwide. 

  The Cyber Crimes Center "C3" of Homeland Security Investigations has a sub-unit known as the  Child Exploitation Investigative Unit  that investigates the multinational channels of sophisticated manufacturers and distributors of cyber related child abuse, in addition to people who travel to foreign countries for the purpose of engaging in crimes against innocent children. Self-described in a nut shell from their website, the Child Exploitation Investigative Unit is quoted : "We protect and rescue children from criminals who seek to harm or exploit them." Learn more at https://www.ice.gov/predator

 The Child Exploitation Investigative Unit of ICE uses cutting-edge technology to intercept evidence and track the activities of individual and organized criminals who exploit children for illegal purposes through the use of websites, chat rooms, news associations, and individual-to-individual  bartering. Some of these child-justice pursuing activities are organized under a program called "Operation Predator".

   ICE agents also go "undercover" in secret sting operations in cooperation with foreign and international law enforcement agencies to catch and prosecute those who harm children. ICE agents also assist local field offices and routinely coordinate major investigations with other law enforcement agencies because the Department of Homeland Security recognizes the exploitation of children is a pressing issue of worldwide importance.

C3 brings the full investigative arm of the ICE computer and forensic technology together under one umbrella to prosecute internet-related criminals that hurt children. ICE agents routinely "go-to-bat" for children in foreign jurisdictions that will likely never yield an American political vote or provide a single dollar in American tax revenue. This far-reaching compassion and justice is what makes all ICE employees categorically ..............AMERICAN HEROS ,................ "Child Advocacy Gold Medalists" and most importantly, ...............Fantastically Wonderful Human Beings that all deserve the "Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction"  and a ticker tape parade for their spectacular steadfast service to children worldwide. Child Advocacy Hall of Fame Inductee